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A wine tourism trip, a meeting of friends or a specific visit. You decide what your needs are. At Hacienda Albae we are prepared to make any of them unforgettable. We have more than 12 rooms, our own restaurant and personalized activities.

Comfort and elegance



We have fifteen luxurious rooms that offer the greatest comfort to our guests. Comfort and elegance are two of the synonyms that represent the rooms of our winery.

Double superior room

Spacious, bright, it offers a large space and luxurious amenities for an extremely rewarding stay.

Double Room

To enjoy twice what you expected. Superior equipment and excellent design in highly comfortable rooms.


OFFERS and packs

Enoturismo, Bodas, Hotel en Hacienda Albae La Mancha
Food and wine stay.

One night’s accommodation in a superior double room with breakfast included. Guided visit to the winery and commented tasting of our wines. A dinner with a tasting menu in our restaurant.

Visitas en Eventos Enoturismo en Hacienda Albae
Visits and Tastings.

Guided tour of the winery’s facilities explaining in detail the transformation process of grapes into wine and subsequent tasting of the wines produced.

Enoturismo, Bodas, Hotel en Hacienda Albae La Mancha
Oenological pack.

View of the winery, wine tasting and subsequent lunch or dinner, depending on the schedule, paired with our wines.

Escapadas Enoturismo en Hacienda Albae
Complete hotel and offer for groups.

Close the hotel for you: if you want to have our complex for you with family and / or friends at Hacienda Albae it is possible, contact us and we will inform you.

A world to discover



The visits are made from Monday to Saturday, always with prior registration, either by phone 926 699 349 or through our contact form.

Visits to wineries

A guided tour from the vine to the bottle through the places and the processes of making our wines explaining all the machinery and the difference between white and red wines. Available in English from Monday to Friday and in Spanish every day. The approximate duration of the visit when showing the entire winery is approximately 50 minutes, plus another 50 minutes that the guided initiation tasting lasts approximately.

Wine tasting

Discover the secrets of wine, from its production and aging process to the knowledge, through the senses, of its multiple aromas, textures and flavors. A complete range of wines belonging to La Bodega are tasted and discussed. The Introductory Course lasts 1 hour.


Enjoy recreational and leisure activities discovering the natural environment that surrounds us, practice different outdoor sports activities and experience in depth the harmony that our environment offers.



Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park.

The Lagunas de Ruidera offer the visitor delighting the view by contemplating the 15 lagoons that form it, following some simple routes designed for all tastes, after resting, visiting the most characteristic places in the area, as well as the surrounding towns, all this enjoying full contact with nature. For those more restless people they can do all kinds of activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, 4×4 routes, hiking and even diving.

Hacienda Albae Entorno
Castle of Peñarroya.

It is located on a cliff that overlooks the Peñarroya reservoir dam, 12 km from Argamasilla, to the south. It was a Muslim castle, later conquered by the military orders of Santiago and San Juan. The ruins of the castle are preserved, some of its wall and the chapel, which serves as a hermitage or sanctuary of Our Lady of Peñarroya, patron saint of Argamasilla de Alba and La Solana. From the Peñarroya reservoir, upstream of the Guadiana, extends the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park.

Hacienda Albae Entorno
Criptana field.

For many centuries it was dominated by the Muslims. In 1097 the Moorish king of Denia took refuge in the castle of Chitrana after defeating Alfonso VI in the battle of Consuegra, where the son of El Cid Campeador died. In 1212, after the defeat of the Muslims in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, it passed into the hands of the Order of Santiago. The current town is the union of three other smaller ones: Criptana, El Campo and Villajos. It has the most important milling concentration in La Mancha, along with that of Mota del Cuervo and Consuegra.

Hacienda Albae Entorno
Tablas de Daimiel Natural Park.

Discover the Tablas de Daimiel National Park accompanied by an interpreter guide who will introduce you to its fauna, flora, history and problems. A simple route, suitable for all ages.

Enoturismo, Bodas, Hotel en Hacienda Albae La Mancha
Alba mortar.

This town in the province of Ciudad Real not only stands out for its Guadiana river and its Natural Park of the Lagunas de Ruidera, but because this town is the famous place that Cervantes did not want to remember in his work par excellence, Don Quijote de La Mancha . The visitor must remember it since in this beautiful town you can find several interesting places to visit. We start with the Casa Cueva Medrano, current Municipal Library and Tourism Office, among other uses. The Casa del Bachiller Carrasco is also recommended and for art lovers, the church of San Juan Bautista, which began its construction back in the 16th century.